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Designs with Impact

Your company has an important message, don't cripple it with mediocre design.

JC Design Lab produces effective and professional material for all your marketing purposes.

For quality design that produces measurable results, encourage customer/client interactinon and looks the part, choose JC Design Lab.

That Stick Out

You are not the only company providing your services, but you are the only one that does so in that special way that you do... Why look like everybody else?

Here, you're guaranteed material that is unique and visually attractive.

Nothing leaves the lab until it passes rigorous examination and passes for what you'll consider creative and compelling.

With A Holistic Experience

JC Design Lab (The lab) believes highly in consistency. Your marketing material should not look like there were too many hands in the pot.

The lab's services includes:
  • -Web
  • -Print
  • -Brand Identity
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Print design
  • Newspaper Layout Design
  • Magazine Layout Design
  • Company Stationary
  • --Business Cards, Letterheads, Enveloped
  • Promotional Marketing
  • --Banners, Flyers, Posters, Shirts, Mugs and other promotional items.


Website design
  • Website design & development
  • Completely validated HTML and CSS coding
  • CMS implementaion
  • Easy management of your website and blog.
  • SEO management
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Full HTML designs for your email blasts


Logo designs
  • Brand Development
  • Consultation and Logo Design
  • Social Media Management
Graphic/Web design examples
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"The Lab"

The JC Design Lab

JC Design Lab operates under the idea that every design demands a unique vision. One that ensures it will excel in its purpose and effectively embed in the minds of its viewers a message of reconnaissance, amicability and call-to-action.

No two clients are alike, so the notion that there exists a reservoir of template design solutions awaiting only selection and minor modification is dismissed here. The most successful design solutions cater to an intricate balance of the client, the company and the specific marketing need.

Before moving forward with a project, The lab invests in a thorough understanding of the client, the company and the specific marketing need. You are encouraged to be as verbose as possible in the description of your project needs.

As far as pricing, the lab produces individual quotes that are project-based and inclusive of all required fees for your particular project. You are welcomed to use the suggested Affiliate companies for Domain/Hosting solutions as well as Printing and CMS purposes. On average, The Lab works with budgets around $1,200.00+; There could be a possibility that JC Design Lab may not be the best match for you and your company's investment.

Rest assured that if you do choose JC Design Lab, you are choosing the highest quality, the most creatively compelling and the most professionally effective design implementations for your company's presence.

Preferences (stuff)

  • Dell

    Studio XPS 9000

    Intel Core i7, 8Gb RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive

  • Adobe

    Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

    CS5, CS4, CS3

  • Taste of Ink

    Specialty Printing

    Stationaries in Plastic, Suede, Silk, Cotton,

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